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North Fremantle is idealy located between the ocean and the Swan river. There is an eclectic mix of homes and businesses including Fremantle Harbour and North Mole.

The Port of Fremantle from North FremantleNorth Fremantle is a peninsula extending out into the Indian Ocean with the west side of North Fremantle facing the setting sun while the East side of the peninsula is the Fremantle Inner Harbour (the main port of Western Australia) and continues up and along the Swan River towards Perth.

Protected by two large moles in North Fremantle the waters of Swan River and the Indian Ocean allow perfect access to a welcoming port. Fremantle is a fully operational world-class shipping and cruise liner port.

Originally an industrial area is retains that vibe while the modernisation at Leighton Beach, Rocky Bay and Northbank have added a more manicured atmosphere. There are many beautifully located luxury homes along the water's edges in North Fremantle and a good choice of holiday and business accommodation.

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North Fremantle Data:

Population: 2,585 (2006 census)
Postcode: 6159
Location: 15 km (9 mi) SW of Perth,
3 km (2 mi) N of Fremantle
LGA: City of Fremantle
State District: Cottesloe
Federal Division: Fremantle

North Fremantle offers a choice of quality Restaurants, some exquisite ones tucked away and others standing out gloriously.
North Fremantle Restaurants

Below you will find a North Fremantle Map, Photos of North Fremantle, Liesure Areas in North Freo and more...

Life in North Fremantle

North Fremantle is unique in that it is centred almost exclusively around the Port of Fremantle. This is, after all, what Fremantle is built upon. The organised and easy flow of things coming and going from the port was almost unnoticed. As a visitor and a resident the Port is amazing. If you are wanting to visit the port itself, visit the Fremantle Waterfront. North Fremantle's Port is only for business and authorised vehicles.

North Fremantle Leisure Areas

There are several public liesure areas in Fremantle:

  • Alfred Road Park
  • Burford Place parks
  • Cypress Hill
  • Gilbert Fraser Reserve
  • Gordon Dedman park
  • Hicks Street Reserve
  • Leighton Beach
  • North Fremantle Foreshore
  • North Fremantle War Memorial
  • Pensioner Guard Rd Reserve
  • Port BeachPrawn Bay
  • Rocky Bay Reserve
  • Rule Street Reserve
  • SEW Park
  • Sorrell Park

North Freo: North Mole Lighthouse

North Mole Light HouseNorth Mole Lighthouse North Mole Lighthouse

"The North Mole Lighthouse began operation in 1906 at Fremantle, Western Australia. The occulting red light, emitted from a fixed lightsource at a focal plane height of 15 metres above sea level, is visible for 11 miles and indicates the western-most point of the harbour and its entrance. The lighthouse established permanent service from 1906; after the mole's foundations had settled a temporary lighting arrangement there was discharged. The light originally planned for the house was found to be too powerful and was sent to Broome for the steel lighthouse at Gantheume Point.

The lighthouse and its technically identical yet green coloured partner on the south mole are the last remaining of their type. It has an 'indicative place' status of the Register of the National Estate and is a well known landmark to seamen visiting the port. It was designed by Charles Yelverton O'Connor, an engineer responsible for the construction of Fremantle Harbour and who advanced the proposal of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme. The 15 m tower is made of cast iron, painted red and features classical decorations. It is located at the end of North Mole Drive. The position is a well used recreational fishing spot and a vantage point for ocean yacht racing or birdwatching." Source: Wikipedia

North Fremantle borders the Swan River, the heart of Sailing in Fremantle

"The Swan River estuary flows through the city of Perth, in the south west of Western Australia. Its lower reaches are relatively wide and deep, with few constrictions, while the upper reaches are usually quite narrow and shallow.

The Swan River drains the Avon and coastal plain catchments, which have a total area of about 121,000 km2. It has three major tributaries, the Avon River, Canning River and Helena River. The latter two have dams (Canning Dam and Mundaring Weir) which provide a sizeable part of the potable water requirements for Perth and the regions surrounding. The Avon River contributes the majority of the freshwater flow. The climate of the catchment is Mediterranean, with mild wet winters, hot dry summers, and the associated highly seasonal rainfall and flow regime.

The Avon rises near Yealering, 100 km southeast of Perth: it meanders north-northwest to Toodyay about 90 km northeast of Perth, then turns southwest in Walyunga National Park - at the confluence of the Wooroloo Brook, it becomes the Swan River. The Canning River rises not far from North Bannister, 100 km southeast of Perth and joins the Swan at Applecross, opening into Melville Water. The river then narrows into Blackwall Reach, a narrow and deep stretch leading the river through Fremantle Harbour to the sea.

The Noongar believe that the Darling Scarp is said to represent the body of a Wagyl - a snakelike being from Dreamtime that meandered over the land creating rivers, waterways and lakes. It is thought that the Waugal created the Swan River. The estuary is subject to a microtidal regime, with a maximum tidal amplitude of about one metre, although water levels are also subject to barometric pressure fluctuations.

There are currently fifteen yacht clubs along the Swan River, with most on Melville Water, Freshwater Bay and Matilda Bay. Royal Perth Yacht Club, on Pelican Point in Matilda Bay, staged the unsuccessful 1987 America's Cup defense, the first time in 132 years it had been held outside of the United States. RPYC and the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club are the only two clubs to be granted a royal charter. There are also many anchorages and marinas along the lower reaches near Fremantle." Source: Wikipedia Article]

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