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The Fremantle Districts: Maps & Guides

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Fremantle WA

Central Fremantle

Fremantle itself encompasses all of the Districts below. To make it easier for you to get your bearings, we recommend visiting the Fremantle Districts Map. Central Fremantle is the heart of shopping, dining, music and nightlife in Freo. Visit Central Fremantle

Within Central Fremantle is the historic West End.
Visit the West End of Central Fremantle

North Fremantle

North Fremantle

North Fremantle is a peninsula extending out into the Indian Ocean. The west side of North Fremantle faces the setting sun while the East side of the peninsula is the Fremantle Inner Harbour (the main port of Western Australia) and continues up and along the Swan River towards Perth.

Read more about North Fremantle
including a North Fremantle Boundary Map

South Fremantle

South Fremantle

South Fremantle stretches from Fishing Boat Harbour south to South Beach. Take the Free Fremantle CAT Bus directly to South Beach or have luch along South Terrace in the heart of South Fremantle.

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including a South Fremantle Boundary Map.

East Fremantle, the river Swan

East Fremantle

The Town of East Fremantle is essentially everything north of High Street (between East Street and Carrington Street) all the way to the Swan River. The Town Hall of East Fremantle is actually almost directly north-east of the Fremantle City Town Hall itself. The Town of East Fremantle is a little over 3 square kilometres steeped in Heritage, grand Architecture and quiet riverside tranquility of the river Swan.

Tour East Fremantle
including an East Fremantle Boundary Map

Fremantle West End

West End of Fremantle

Incorporating the Fremantle Prison, Esplanade park, Bathers Beach, Notra Dame University and the majority of Historic & Heritage buildings in Fremantle.

Visit Fremantle's historic West End to view a West End Map and a video of our afternoon's Walking Tour of the West End.

Fremantle Waterfront

Fremantle Waterfront

The Fremantle Waterfront is a fully operating port with a lively bustling harbour ambiance ~ a vibrant destination that is popular with both locals and visitors.  Docks, quays and wharfs played a major in Western Australia's heritage. Fremantle Ports operates on sustainable principles.

Visit the Fremantle Waterfront
including a Fremantle Waterfront Map

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

Fishing Boat Harbour

Fishing Boat Harbour is a deep water harbour which has picturesque boardwalks, a lively atmosphere and plently of things to see and places to explore for people of all ages!

Visit Fishing Boat Harbour
including a Fishing Boat Harbour Map

Find out more, including individual district maps, on each of these Fremantle Districts pages:

Fremantle Districts / Suburbs Map

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