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Fremantle Wellness

Fremantle offers a Welcome Hug...
Fremantle is a Healing Hub where you can fully relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  

Blessed with golden sand, fresh ocean breezes, free thinking locals and an attitude of equality, healing and celebration.  It is home to hundreds of practitioners in natural and alternative healing, the arts and other creative modalities. 

Fremantle is a Healing Haven.  Both relaxed and vibrant, this unique city provides you the opportunity to embrace all aspects of yourself, to dive in and re-emerge well and at peace with your world. 

Committed to Wellness in Fremantle:

Individualised care and support to achieve optimal health or healing with Ayurveda and Massage

AYURVEDA is a profoundly nurturing healing art, concerned with the prevention of all dis-ease as well as the healing of all dis-eases, pain and discomfort using proven ancient healing methods. With the use of the ancient practice of Ayurveda we will help you along on this journey and offer you the tools needed to be successful long term. Karina Thullesen has studied the ancient art of Ayurveda at AIHM in Perth and at Dharmasthala Ayurveda hospital in Udupi, Kanataka, India. Karina is an experienced practitioner of Ayurveda with a great love and passion for the age old medicine. In the initial consult which takes about 90 minutes we discuss your current and past state of health and any possible symptoms in detail. Make an appointment today for a total health over view and a fresh start - Call us now!

Chandana Ayurveda Health & Healing

Welcome to a world of Natural Artisan Body Oils, Perfumes & Scents. Halka B Organics is an experience not to be missed...

Getting in touch with our hearts and feeling good in our skin is a vital component of our well-being. Our shop will take you to ancient cultures where unadulterated natural oils & aromatics are still an integral part of taking care of ourselves. We pioneered raw skin care products in Australia and introduced an exotic range of raw aromatics like frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and copal to clear the energy in your house and impart a sense of peace and wonder. Our natural perfumes are complex and deep. Our essential oil blends are designed to help you working towards balance and health. We pride ourselves in working with communities around the world and offer only 100% unadulterated products. We are looking forward welcoming you. BUY ONLINE Wed-Thu 10.30am-4pm, Sat-Sun 11am-4pm

Halka B Organics

Transformation is an easy process.

Every session is tailored to the client's needs. The immediate benefits of a combination of essential oils with massage and Trager helps the muscle tissues to deeply relax , improves circulation, calms the nerves, releases pain patterns and readdresses postural imbalances. In each session, I use my hands to influence the deep seated psycho-physiological patterns in the mind, to interrupt their projection into the body's tissues. I have a passion for bodywork and healing, and regularly attend healing seminars and trainings in Australia and Europe. I am very gifted with my hands and extremely dedicated to my work. All patterns in the mind and all movement patterns of the body effect how your body feels. By changing your body patterns, and feeling more loose and relaxed, the mind and movement patterns change. A feeling arises that releases a deep peace and calmness in the mind and tissues. Your body immediately starts to feel better and move differently.

Bodywork Transformation

Think better thoughts, Create better feelings and Enjoy a better life! Book your six weeks to Self Coaching Victory Now! 

Learn the skills to change debilitating negative thought patterns. Discover and understand the benefits of self-coaching mastery that move you forward.  Learn to create better, more positive thought patterns on a daily basis. Adjust how you feel about every day situations, people and places. Allow me to share my skills and experience in helping you to change your thinking, re-discover greater focus, achieve more energy with improved self belief and to guide you in finding the persistence, desire and self inspiration needed to reach your next level of personal reward.   Book your one to one 6 x one hour sessions per week for six weeks.

David Prudham Life Coaching

Experience an immense variety of alternative healing and wellness promoting modalities in Fremantle.

Fremantle Wellness:

  • Chinese Medicine, Mediation, Healing Food, Osteopathy
  • Psychic Services, Astrology, Aura Soma, Ayurveda, Dancing
  • Bodywork of all types, Massage, Bowen, Trager, Channelling,
  • Home Birthing, Counselling, Crystals, Education, Energy Healing,
  • Family Counselling or Psychology, Feng Shui, Herbalist, Hypnosis,
  • Naturopathy, Journey Therapy, Kinesiology, Coaching, Nutrition, Paganism,
  • Pilates, Reiki, Raw Food, Resonance Repatterning, Retreats, Sound Healing, Stress Management,
  • Theta Healing, TFT, Tarot, Vibrational, Yoga and more...

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Fremantle Western Australia