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Scuba Diving around Fremantle, Western Australia

Until you have been under the water it is hard to imagine the peaceful, unique and colourful life that you can experience under the water! There are great diving places around Fremantle, especially ship wreck dives as so many olden-day ships ended up underwater approaching this coastline.

You can learn to scuba dive in Fremantle, learning the full range of PADI courses from beginners, to advanced plus Rescue and Free-diving Courses. You can charter a boat to take you out as a family or small group or you can join a boat already heading out to dive.

Rottnest Island is a wonderful location for diving with many wonderful diving locations around this fabulous island, including caves.

Scuba Divers should definitely check out the Wreck Trail, by the Department of Maritime Archaeology at the WA Museum and the Wreck Dives of Rockingham and The Rottnest Wrecks Heritage Trail and Rottnest Island Dives

Wreck Diving Fremantle:

There are many wrecks to explore while diving in Fremantle and the surrounding area.
Australian Geographic named the SS Orizaba, wrecked near Rockingham as one of the "10 best shipwreck dives around Australia

Shipwrecks around Fremantle. 

1830 James, A colonial trader, at Owen Anchorage, south of Fremantle
1839 Lancier, French barque, near Stragglers Reef, Fremantle
1839 Elizabeth, north metropolitan Cottesloe
1841 James Matthews, a wooden brig and former slave-ship, at Woodman Point
1859 Robertina, Australian brig, near Rockingham
1874 Centaur, Scottish-built iron brig, north of Fremantle
1874 Chalmers, British ship, near Rockingham
1874 Contest, British barque, near Rockingham
1875 Zedora, British barque, off Fremantle
1876 Hero of the Nile, British barque, near Rockingham
1878 Diana, British schooner, south of Fremantle
1880 Star, Australian schooner, near Rockingham
1887 Amur, Australian barque, near Rockingham
1893 Ulidia, British iron schooner, off Fremantle
1893 Priestman Dredge, British grab dredge, off Fremantle
1899 Carlisle Castle, British iron ship, near Rockingham
1901 Highland Forest, British barque, Warnbro near Rockingham
1903 Camilla, Australian lighter, south of Fremantle
1904 Conference, Australian iron barque, Quinn's Rocks north of Fremantle
1905 Omeo, Australian iron barque South of Fremantle
1905 SS Orizaba, British steel screw steamer, near Rockingham 
1923 Gareenup, Victoria Quay, Fremantle
1963 SS Alkimos, a former Liberty Ship, north of Fremantle
1962 D9, Dredge, Cockburn Sound

Jetty Diving:

Rottnest Island Diving:

  • North Point
  • 20M Ridge
  • Jackson's Rock
  • Roe Reef
  • Crystal Palace
  • Porpoise Bay Caves
  • Parker Point Drop-off
  • Cigar Reef
  • Swirl Reef
  • Lady Elizabeth Wreck
  • Macedon & Denton Holme wrecks
  • Eagle Bay

Coogee Maritime Trail:

The Coogee Maritime Trail is being developed by the City of Cockburn in partnership with the Western Australian Museum, Murdoch University Divers and Perth NRM. It will feature land-based and underwater attractions, showcasing the Omeo, the States premier shore-based shipwreck.   You can follow the trail's progress via the City of Cockburn's Facebook page.  Watch the video to discover more.

The Dive and Snorkel Trail: Just 25 meters from the shore, the dive and snorkel trail will begin at the Omeo and will include an artificial reef, underwater sculptures and educational signage. The trail can be easily accessed from the northern end of Coogee Beach via the beach access path from Perlinte View.
Carlisle Castle (ship), wrecked off Freo:
Carlisle Castle Shipwreck off Fremantle
Fremantle Long Jetty:
Fremantle Long Jetty
Gareenup Shipwreck:

Other amazing locations in the South-West of Western Australia!

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