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Activities in Fremantle:

Parry Endeavour Ship, Fremantle

Activities in Fremantle

Having a holiday in Fremantle is stimulating, as there are so many things to see and do, man made attractions and natural playgrounds in Fremantle itself.

As WA's most popular seaside destination you can imagine there are a host of interesting, educational and fun ways to spend your time when in Freo!

Adventure, Nature, Sport, Culture!

Immerse yourself and your family in different aspects of wildlife, nature, science, history, entertainment and adventure.

Many of the places to visit have been awarded major tourism awards and they offer great value and friendly service!

Top ideas for your visit to Fremantle:

WA Maritime Museum is magnificent.

WA Maritime Museum, Fremantle

A short stroll into the massive chamber of the WA Maritime Museum is awe inspiring. We highly recommend a few hours exploring the treasures of mariners at the WA Maritime Museum.
More Information: WA Maritime Museum & HMAS Ovens Submarine Tour

HMAS Ovens Submarine Tour:
Explore life as a submariner

Bathers Beach Panoramic Photograph - Afternoon Sun

We loved our visit to the HMAS Ovens Submarine. Our tour guide was energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Perfect before or after a visit to the Maritime Museum.
More Information: WA Maritime Museum & HMAS Ovens Submarine Tour

Go to the Beach!

Beaches in Fremantle, Western Australia

Whichever way you head towards the Ocean, you'll find a beach. Fremantle's beaches are beautiful, with plenty of space even during the busiest of seasons. The ocean is refreshing and the sunsets are incredible.
More Information: Fremantle's Beaches

Explore the Markets!

Fremantle Markets Fremantle

Fremantle is alive with Markets, particularly during the hotter months, at the weekends and holidays. The Markets sell creative and unique objects and memorabilia, food and drink. They are all beautifully organised, colourful and accessible.
More Information: Fremantle's Markets

Walk the West End

Fremantle Food & Dining Out Guide

Walk through Fremantle's West End from central Fremantle in the afternoon hours. It is truly beautiful. Even in midwinter the skies are blue, the sun is warming. View the historical district of Fremantle, the West End!
More Information: Fremantle's Historic West End

Explore History & Visit the Museums

Fremantle Food & Dining Out Guide

Stroll through Western Australia's History by visiting Fremantle's many museums. From Fremantle's first Maritime visit to the historic port buildings and the oldest structure in WA, the Round House, Fremantle is alive with history...
More Information: Fremantle's Museums

Enjoy the cafe's and shops of Fremantle

Fremantle Food & Dining Out Guide

Fremantle is open for shopping 7 days a week and late-night on Fridays. The centre of Fremantle is an interconnected pedestrian friendly shopping precinct. Diversity is one of the great aspects of Freo shopping, you can find almost everything!
More Information: Fremantle Shopping

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Fremantle Western Australia