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Fremantle Geography, Western Australia"Fremantle is an interesting city to attempt to drive through. It appears organised and well laid out, has easy access to all of the shops and office buildings, has lots of parking and is very car friendly. However, it's located on a a large trangle sticking out into the Indian Ocean at an angle.

You can not drive 'through' it but are either detoured around the City Centre or lost in it's winding back-streets closer to the waterfront. Park up, and it suddenly all make sense. Fremantle is a port city... Everything is accessible by foot!

Your destination is usually only short distance away no matter where you are in the city."

Fremantle's Geographical History

Fremantle lies on a series of limestone hills known by the Nyungar people as Booyeembara; the sandplain to the east is Gardoo.

The original vegetation of the area was mainly Xanthorrhoea and eucalyptus trees, being fired annually (in late spring or summer) by the traditional owners.

Fremantle is subject to weather and climate relative to seaside communities - to the point that the regular sea breeze is known as the Fremantle Doctor, as it has a cooling effect to provide relief from the summer heat.

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Fremantle Western Australia